Wire Magazine Issue 399

Wire Magazine Issue 399

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Inside this issue:

Royal Trux: Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty’s harmolodic scuzz rock shock unit crawl back from the beyond after several years of solo action. By Tony Rettman

Raphael Rogiński: The Warsaw based guitarist plies his inimitable trade across rock, jazz, folk and improv, from Jewish diasporic music to ingenious interpretations of John Coltrane. By Richard Johnson

The free music of Buenos Aires: The capital of Argentina is bristling with fresh approaches to improvisation and beyond. By Jason Weiss

BitesMidori Takada: The Japanese percussionist heads back through the looking glass. By Claire Sawers

Giant Swan: Bristol’s techno improv crew bare their souls (and more). By Daisy Hyde

Wu Tiao Ren: The Southeast China group distill magic from local life. By Thomas Bird

Tony Conrad & Cory Arcangel: The late minimalist’s piano works are preserved via a new digital archive project. By Robert Barry

Global Ear
Durban: Something’s rockin’ in the garages of the South African metropolis. By Nick Law

Invisible Jukebox
Strange U: UK hiphop’s cosmic duo get spaced out by The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Rob Turner

The Inner Sleeve: Electric Indigo on Pia Palme’s AX.WHO.

Epiphanies: Endless Boogie’s Paul Major receives a message from the country

On Screen: Ben Davis’s Northern Disco Lights: The Rise And Rise Of Norwegian Dance Music

On Site: Recent exhibitions and performances: Laura Oldfield Ford and COUM Transmissions

On Location: Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Sonic Acts, Clare Simmonds, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Slapp Happy with Faust, and more

Soundcheck: 9T Antiope, Actress, Arca, Ellen Arkbro, Bank Of England, Bardo Pond, Beans, Michael Byron, Evan Caminiti, Dopplereffekt, Gas, Gnod, Growing, Hawkwind, Helm, Robyn Hitchcock, Julia Holter, HSBC, Ibibio Sound Machine, Chuck Johnson, King Ayisoba, Mark Lanegan Band, Leyden Jars, Arto Lindsay, Memoriam, Nicole Mitchell, Lieven Martens Moana, Moor Mother, Mr Mitch, Jon Mueller, Oiseaux-Tempête, Once And Future Band, Oxbow, Penguin Cafe, Perc, Ivo Perelman & Matthew Shipp, Recsund, The Residents, Alex Rex, Karriem Riggins, Roger Robinson, Shit & Shine, Colin Stetson, Stormzy, Sun Araw, Temple Ov BBV, James Tenney, Shugo Tokumaru, Tomutonttu, Ulver, Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch, Walker Harris English, Jim Williams, Yearning Kru, Zeitkratzer, Various Moonlight

The Boomerang: AG Geige, Anthony Braxton, Don Cherry/John Tchicai/Irène Schweizer/Léon Francioli/Pierre Favre, Rene Costy, Klaus Dinger & Pre Japandorf, Morton Feldman, Jean Hoyoux, Thelonious Monk, Idrees Sulieman Quartet featuring Oscar Dennard, Midori Takada, Various Outro Tempo: Electronic &Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978–1992, Various Text-Sound Compositions 8–11

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