TANK Spring 2017 - The Gossip Issue

TANK Spring 2017 - The Gossip Issue

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Tank Spring 2017: The Gossip Issue

In the upcoming Spring issue of Tank, we ask what are the politics of gossip when perception trumps reality?

Why Gossip? Because it has always been about more than just talking about the person who has just left the room – it is the world’s oldest media and the original social network. Gossip has authority without an author, truth without fact.

Tank’s Spring White Lies cover story is a dynamic, feminist Dior fashion film and shoot by the Turner prize-winning artist Laure Prouvost.

There is also an ethereal Gucci fashion feature photographed and styled by the artist Sarah Dobai. 

Other Spring fashion stories are shot by Joanna Piotrowska and Estelle Hanania, with an estate agent-themed menswear shoot photographed by Olgaç Bozalp.

Long-form features include an essay by the academic Claire Birchall on how gossip ties groups together; an interview with Glenn Greenwald on the psychological consequences of government spying; a piece by the writer Atossa Araxia Abrahamian on office gossip and the US election; and a feature by Geoff Shullenberger about the intricacies of literary gossip in the internet age.

A comic-book insert explains the long history of music sampling, and there are Tank Talks interviews with the director Kelly Reichardt, the artist Omer Fast and the designer Ashish Gupta.

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