SOFFA Magazine Issue 20 - Enigma

SOFFA Magazine Issue 20 - Enigma


Una ventata d'aria fresca da Praga, una delle nuove capitali creative europee, ed è infatti proprio come "European design and lifestyle magazine" che SOFFA si presenta ai suoi lettori.

SOFFA ci regala una nuova imperdibile visione su moda, design e lifestyle.


The mystery-filled SOFFA 20 has two goals: to entertain you with illusions and magical experiments, and to lift the lid on some fascinating and thought-provoking stories. In our regular features on architecture and interiors we unveil the imposing grandeur of Petschek’s Palace, enlighten you with a story of a beautiful old synagogue, and rejoice at a whimsical floating house.

Moving on from Czechia, our collage takes you to several forgotten places around the world and beyond. Nature’s harsh beauty is featured in the travel story on the Svalbard archipelago and in the depiction of enigmatic rock reliefs found in Vysočina. The fashion story is a thought-provoking homage to a famous painting by René Magritte, and famous paintings also frame another story in this issue. We can’t forget the utterly Czech puzzle – the hedgehog in a cage – and our gallery of mind-boggling optical illusions. Lastly, you will discover what hides behind mystical masks and the many expressions of the human face, and visit a botanical ‘laboratory’ where you can make your own magical potions!


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