SLIMIMAG Issue 3 - The American Issue

SLIMIMAG Issue 3 - The American Issue

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SLIMIMAG is a quarterly collection of style inspiration showcasing the ‘chefs d’oeuvres’ of the fashion elite, alongside the most talented image makers the industry has to offer, a visual delight to fashion.

Slimimag issue 3: The American Issue

It is with the momentum related to the US presidential elections that we decided to dedicate our 3rd issue to the American Culture.

We aspire to take you on a trip to the Land of opportunities through our shoots, stories, interviews and creative content.

For this purpose, we have teamed up with top models Shaun Ross and Harleth Kuusik for our covers and we are disclosing our up-close interviews with inspiring artists as Sky Ferreira and Enisa Nikovic.

We hope that our modern interpretation of the American Dream is well conveyed and that the "American Issue" will inspire you further.

Happy discovery and happy reading.

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