Where They Create: Japan - Frame Publishers

Where They Create: Japan - Frame Publishers


Creative Studios Shot by Paul Barbera

An insight into the environment and working process of some of the most creative minds in Japan.

Photographer Paul Barbera presents his next volume in the Where They Create series – this time with a different approach, by exploring the theme of his series through geographical locales – not just physically but also spiritually, as ‘place’ is a very fluid concept in today’s global world. Reinvigorated by his first visit to Japan in 5 years, he makes this metropolis the starting point of this new volume of photographs. Through the lens of creative spaces, Barbera chronicles his journey as he uncovers how contemporary Japanese design, art and creative thinking, has influenced and inspired the world (and vice versa).

Barbera’s search is simple and clear: he only visits the studios of people whose work he loves and admires. Featured studios are media companies and creatives, as well as artists, architects, illustrators and designers from all over Japan. In addition to all these photos, descriptions of the spaces by the owners of the studios are included. Interviews with these creators reveal the inner workings of these creatives, discovering how their daily environment influences their output. 

• The subjects of this book come from all walks of life – from artists, architects and graphic designers to shoemakers and tattoo artists – with engaging stories of how they have arrived at ‘where they create’.

• The book is enhanced with interviews conducted by design journalist Kanae Hasegawa and essays by experts on Japanese design culture.

• Through the select curation of creatives, beautiful and compelling images and insightful dialogue into the creative process, this books endeavours to be a ‘bible’ of contemporary Japanese design culture. 

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